Preparation Umrah (for women)

Early last chance to come into the sanctuary of Makkah and Madinah have we implemented earlier this month . At that time we, Mr. Lavigne Ma’am and me alone, confused will need what we need to bring in our inaugural trip. Browsing the Internet almost every day to do, start reading all the places of […]

Tips Before Going Umroh Part 8

K. Smart Shopping Tips. Please note the items you want to buy since being in the country; Currency exchange that your currency with Saudi Arabia Riyal in Indonesia. But, if your money should be in exchange American dollars in the Holy Land only. Exchange rate differences can help you save money; Go back to your […]

Various options Color Red Sofa Living Room

Complete comfort in the living room you need to place special furniture, both in terms of quality and color. In the living room furniture was certainly there are chairs and tables, the rest are supplementary and to enhance the beauty parlor. There are many options chair models that could be used to welcome guests,┬ábut […]

A true paradise for the traveler

First holiday to write about the tourist spots in Bali because a lot of the photographs have not been met. Though not empty, writing the photographs you ready yet. This time, turn Gili Trawangan. Yup, the dyke of the most popular in Lombok. Most foreign tourists who came to it, also offset by the increasing […]


Cinnamon or cinnamon bark inside the tree of the genus Cinnamomum . However, from the genus Cinnamomoum truly as cinnamon is derived from tree verum Cinnamomum . Cinnamon has a good aroma and a sweet and warm flavor when consumed. Cinnamon has been around for centuries. Cinnamon has a long history both as a spice […]