Climbing Mount Rinjani – Tips And Trick Climb Mount Rinjani Part 3

 Sembalun, can be reached within 9 to 10 hours. You will be stunned to see the incredible natural scenery ranging from the vast expanse of green savannah, looking at the beautiful Alas strait and the island of Sumbawa in the distance, a view of a broad forest green and many more.

Later in Senaru Path is the path of the most crowded among the other climbing lanes. Perhaps the reason is that his ascent through many exotic scenery. Besides traversed by tourists, the line is also used by indigenous peoples to get to the lake Segara Anak to perform their rituals.

Climbing Mount Rinjani

This path will be through the tropical rain forest dense and Rinjani Trekking  retreat through 3 Pos. Having reached the Segara child, you need to recharge extra to be towards the highest peak of Mount Rinjani.

After Conquering the top of Rinjani


After laboriously to the top of Rinjani, eventually you will feel what it’s like your goal is achieved by a process very complex and lengthy. Up to this point, you can not only see the sights around. There are many tourist destinations which can be found at the top of Rinjani. Of which the most famous is Goa Goa Dairy Dan Parks.

Milk in Goa you can enjoy the warm water soak comfortable after a day of walking towards the mountain Rinjani. Why say Goa milk, because it is said that the stalactites dripping water taste like milk. Want to try?

Goa Park you will feel how real adventure. You have to crawl to get into the cave. Inside the cave you will find many offerings and white cloths hanging this place also the surrounding communities perform religious ceremonies.


Tips I and foremost is “Maintain Cleanliness”. Rinjani is not a decent place to  . Rinjani is a collection of biota are assembled into a single unit to form a very beautiful scenery and very dear to you.

Wherever and whenever, you should not litter. Manage your trash yourself. A good idea to bring a special plastic bag for your trash. Enough of your garbage. Because if you do this you are aware, then there will be people who throw litter in Rinjani.

That’s tips and tricks mountain climbing rinjani my version. If you want do not bother setting up and wondered fro. A good idea to use the package’s ascent that are offered there. They will take care of all the needs that you need. So simple. Enjoy and feel the togetherness and your excitement with friends and make this moment as the most memorable moment in your life.

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